aquatint, 26 x 38 cm

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  1. noticed you said movement, I enjoy the depth and there is a sense of pace to the entire piece. The rich tonal variety is quite enjoyable and I actually prefer the look of a sort of nervous, sketchy energy in printmaking (not to knock down the masters of course!). This combines a nice balance of the best of two worlds utilizing the solid satiny grey tones with the textured burnished ones. Has a great mood and feel to it. Enjoyed, thanks!

    • Interesting view! That kind of nervous line was always quite intuitive to me. But the tonal and textural values come as a big challenge. In fact, I see it as the part of the “building” of an etching and it takes rationalization and much more time in process. Over the years I understood the importance of combining these two- keeping freshness of the line and “thinking” the tonal values. Thank you very much for your comment!

      • the will to act and the burst to create is often counter intuitive to the process of image creation for me, which is methodical and patient. That is the skill that is learned as an artist. Even pollock was working methodically, and after years of learning the skill of control beforehand

  2. Yet another excellent aquatint. I really like the strong dynamics, the movements and the dramatic interaction between the figures in the picture. And the colours – or more precisely the shades of one colour – is nothing but striking. I might have to buy one of your pictures one of these days!

    • Thank you once more Otto! Soon some of them are going to be on Etsy, but it is always possible to sell and buy them out of these circles 🙂 They are usually short editions, from 15 to 30 proofs.

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